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Friday, January 10, 2020

Digital Media: Film Editing

In Digital Media class we are beginning to learn the basics of Film Editing and our first project with be based on the video Needing/Getting from a favorite band OKgo.  In the video the band uses everyday objects to make sound as they drive by in a car and that is paired with instruments to create their song.  If you're not aware of OKgo, they are known for their creative music videos and unique approach, I once saw them perform at a This American Life event in NYC and was able to be part of a song thanks to an app they created that let the audience be part of the song.

We are going to collaborate on this project thanks to their OKgo SANDBOX which gives some insight into their creative process.  We will use their approach to making a song with everyday sounds but edit it together on video in the style of Eclectic Method who sample sounds and edit them together with video to make music.  Our goal is to create a song collaboratively by having each student create video clip samples of sounds taken from objects in the classroom.  It's a great creative challenge that will help build our video editing skills while we create a song together.

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