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Friday, February 5, 2021

Extra Credit: OKgo Art Together Now

Last week we created our own short animations for OKgo's All Together Now video project on OKgo Sandbox and this week we have a chance to take it a step further and work with the band on a music video. The Art Together Now project is a collaborative animation which allows anyone to participate and record part of the song as well as color in a frame of the animation (which will be a postcard). This project will count as extra credit if you want to participate and I can help you to sign up or you can do it yourself on the OKgo Sandbox page. You do need to sign up before February 20 so be sure to do it before winter break to receive your postcard which will need to be returned to them digitally by March 10 in order to complete the video for it's premiere on Yuri's Night on April 10.


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