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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Studio Art: Japanese Origami Cranes

In Studio Art class we creating a collection of Japanese Origami Cranes. I took the photo below at the Hiroshima memorial in Japan the day I met Sadako Sasaki's brother Masahiro and Tsugio Ito, a story I shared in class. It shows how origami cranes are traditionally grouped, we'll create a similar grouping of 1000 cranes as well.
Students will each create a unique textile designs (there's an example of traditional textiles below but you can feel free to be creative) on paper then fold them into paper cranes.  

Here are a few examples of student created textile designs as an example. We learned some basic origami skills on Monday with our practice crane and when the designs are complete we will fold them into cranes.    

The video below shows the step by step instructions so you can replay it if you get lost.  After the 2 cranes are completed we will photograph them and mail them away to a memorial!

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