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Monday, January 11, 2016

AP Art: Heckscher Art Museum Long Island's Best

This week we will be working on creating pieces for the Heckscher Art Museum's Long Island's Best contest which we enter in February.  Students should choose an inspiration piece that was shown in the museum in the past year and use it as a basis for a response work.  The response should be original and not done in a different artist's style but a reaction that has a relationship with the original work of art in some way.  Above is a image form the exhibit Street Life: Private Moments/Public Record from photographer Berenice Abbott entitled "Fulton Street Fish Market" that is currently showing in the museum and below is an image of Rosalie and I with her photograph from last year that was chosen for the exhibition in the museum.  In addition to the museum show the contest awards a number of financial scholarships.

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