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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Edcamp Global

I'm excited to be virtually attending Edcamp Global Classrooms which began this morning and runs for a full 24 hours hours until tomorrow morning.  If you are not aware Edcamps are educational 'un-conferences' in which educators and in this case students volunteer and share the'r expertise and experience with free workshops.

This morning I attended a great workshop to start Edcamp Global Classrooms off about using robots for coding in the classroom led by Jenny Lussier with Donna Macdonald and Andy Plemmons on Google Hangout.  I learned a bit about what teachers and students are doing in schools coding with Sphero and Finch robots.

I'll be attending workshops all day but I'm really looking forward to joining my #k12artchallenge pal Arlene Shelton and her class this afternoon on Periscope, Twitter, and Google Hangout for a STEAM studio sharing some of their STEAM artwork with 3D printers, engravers, and robotics.  Any students that have some spare time today after the mid-term exams are encouraged to join a session and learn about some of the classroom work other schools are doing around the world!

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