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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

AP Art: Welcome to Japan Society Junior Fellow

We want to welcome Saki, a visitor into our AP Art class from the HiroshimaJapan who will be working on a project with us through the Japan Society Junior Fellow's program.  Saki will be examining the different attitudes student have in the US and Japan while she is here as well as learning about our school culture.

On Wednesday she will practice her presentation with the art honor society afters school so feel free to stop by and learn about her results.  Wednesday will also be her last day here because of the Easter break so it will also serve as her going away party!

We have been participating in this program for the past 3 years and it allows students to learn about the Japan and the US culture and education.  Students may also apply to the Japan Society for the exchange to visit Japan over the summer when schools there are still in session.

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