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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Studio Art: 3D Paper Star

I'll be in Chicago this week to receive my NAEA AET Outstanding Art Teacher of the Year award so here is the assignment you'll be working on in class.  There will be no art honor society meeting today because I'm flying out to Illinois right after school.

I'll be leaving you in the hands of another art teacher Cassie Stephens who's become known for her quirky, fun art outfits.  You'll be creating a 3D paper, zentangle star based on the video above.  Use the video above to aid you in cutting the star then use the images below to help with the Zentangle.

Above are a few patterns that you can use but feel free to be creative and make your own.  The star looks best if you divide uo each part and use a different Zentangle design.

We are going to do the background differently so just focus on completing and coloring the star and when I return on Monday I will give you the remaining directions.

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