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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Digital Media: 36 Days of Type

In Digital Media class we will be working on the 36 Days of Type project in which we will design a unique and creative letterform each day (calendar is listed above) and photograph them to share and use in a font set later in May.

We will learn about typography and design throughout the 36 days spending some time each Monday learning new aspects.  Each student should keep their letter designs cataloged in their Google drive which they can share each 12 days for a grade and again when the project is concluded for a grade.

Here's a link to a few basics from Creative Live's blog which gives some insight on hand lettering but you are free to work digitally as well or of course use both in conjunction. You can share your designs on social media using the hashtag #36daysoftype and #36days_(Letter or Number). Below are a few examples:

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