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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Digital Media: Meet Me in DC Contest

In Digital Media class we will be designing an issues based political poster for PBS Learning Media's 2016 Meet Me in DC Contest.  Choose an issue that our community cares about and use the online poster design tool to construct a poster.  I created an example above for our class to give an idea of what is possible.  You can upload your own images but make sure they are both original and not defamatory in any way (if you're not sure feel free to check with me).  There are some great resources on PBS Learning Media's Election Central that we'll look at to learn more about some of the issues.

The poster designs are due tomorrow in the public drive then we will share and critique them after which you'll get a chance to make changes and submit them.  The winner of the contest will receive a free trip to Washington DC along with spending money and some other great bonuses so use your design skills wisely!

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