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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

AP Art: Art From Poetry

Our first in class assignment of the year will focus on taking a note of inspiration from poetry and translating it visually to art.  There are famous examples such as The Blue Guitar by Wallace Stevens which was inspired from Pablo Picasso's blue period painting shown above, the poem was then used as an inspiration for David Hockney's series of work on the Blue Guitar some of which is depicted below created a Beta loop.
You're challenge is to choose a poem and use it as an inspiration point for a piece.  It can be a line, a feeling, or the whole poem whatever works for you and it does not need to be a literal illustration, use your creativity and inventiveness to create the piece in any media.  I suggest beginning your search with one of these poetry websites but if you are unsure of a direction speak to me and I'll give you some personal suggestions that I think you might like:

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