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Monday, September 11, 2017

Digital Media: Creating A Self Portrait in Photoshop

In Digital Media class we are learning the basic of Photoshop by creating a creative self portrait with green screen using various Photoshop tools.  Below you can see the original image and above is an example of what we are going to do in class by replacing the chroma key green with another image. The final self portrait that will also feature your first name and any other edits or creative techiniques you want to add will be due at the end of class on Wednesday.  The final image should have the following (this is also how it will be graded via the rubric):

  • Basic photo adjustments
  • Your first name (large enough to read from a distance)
  • Creative background (you can use the green screen swap or add over it)
  • 8"x8" square saved as a JPEG
  • titled DM2 or DM4 + your last name (depending on your Digital Media class period)

To submit the final image you will need to drag it into your google drive and share it with me using my email: tneedles@smithtown.k12.ny.us

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