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Friday, August 31, 2007

Also, howdy!

Hey, while I'm posting anyway, howdy! I'm Zith, most of you know me. Anyway, I like drawing, gaming, drama, and, um... girls? Here's my work:

This is one of my thematic sketches: a tribute to a superhero romance i loved that can never happen, now. (isn't it odd that my "sketch" is better than my "real" pieces so far?)

And this is my song piece, made to They Might be Giants' "Am I Awake?". The song has a cool techno feel that made me think of using blue tones, cubism, and a tablet. BTW, I've never used a tablet before, hence the shakiness.

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Kim-chan said...

Tablets take a while to get used to for most people...and then they like to play tricks on you with pen pressure xP
Huzzah for sketches pwning non-sketches! >D Nice work so far :3

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