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Thursday, August 2, 2007

hey im alexa

Hey my names alexa and im a senior and i cant wait for ap next year with everyone. ive been having a pretty crazy summer. with work visiting colleges and taking art courses at the huntington school of fine arts. with the drawing and self portrait classes i really feel like im improving.

these are the drawings i did from this past week

and this is the love of my life. my puppy ahah she climbed on my desk while i was typing on the computer


Jen Yu said...

nude figs!! awesome! i don't know if that stain was on purpose for the second one, but i like it and it'd be cool if there were more of that :] i can't wait to see you at hsfa!!
bella is the most beautiful dog in the world.

Alexa Cipollina said...

AAHHAAHAHAH omg jen no. i was wondering if anyone would notice. bella peed on it . lmfao. my mom waslike OMGG. alexa im soo sorry and im like watt?> and shes like uhhhh bella bad girl. and i was dying laughing.. im glad you liked. it. ill tell bella to keep it up

Jen Yu said...

aahah i remember hearing something from needles like.. andy warhol used urine in some of his work? but i think it had something to do with getting a bronze color on metal. ah, bella is a godsend. i wish my dog would pee on my stuff

Smashley said...
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Smashley said...

im intruding on your conversation but yeahh andy warhol took in like bums off the street and made them pee on a sheet of metal so it would rust... your dog must be andy warhol in the making, just get it a stylish gray wig and round glasses.

Jen Yu said...

ahaha bella would look so cute in a wig and glasses!! DO IT!!

Alexa Cipollina said...

ahahhaha thats amazing. aww im on the search now for dog glasses like the wig i can make myself. but the glasses will take some time !!

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