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Wednesday, August 1, 2007


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i tihnk this is my first new thing all summer
and icnat tell what it needs


Alexa Cipollina said...

i think its really. cool when i first looked at it i was like. ELEPHANT. but then i realized it was titled face and then i realized the face. idk if its supposed to be that way. but if it is its awesome.

yea and i still cant post my own stuff

Jen Yu said...

kevin, if you make a portrait like that for me, i'll make one for you. it probably won't be as cool or creative, but i'll try my hardest.

Anonymous said...

i like it, maybe you could edit it on the computer? then you've got more freedom with the background.

Smashley said...

Kev this is awesome i really like it. I dont think it really needs that much but maybe darken that top right corner to balance it. My dad just said that he liked it alot haha, you've got it in with the dad kevin, im impressed he just rips me apart for my stuff.

kevin said...

aha thats good to know
now im set
what did you do with yours

Smashley said...

i painted the face and thats it
i havnt done anything so im basically screwed

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