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Sunday, July 29, 2007


hey im Ian and im really not sure how this blog thing works yet. so basically i play varsity football im a nissequoge firefighter i play the drums and im very involved in church. anyway this is one of my summer assignments its my monster theme. this piece is pretty out of the box for me because i tend to do more realistic work. in this piece i used a ink dropper and bottle to make most of it and i later added some watercolor.

this is my portrait of some one else ist my youth leaders J and ist no where near finished and i need some suggestions on where i should go with it. later


Alexa Cipollina said...
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Ama said...

I REALLY like the first picture - it's eerie and just excellently done. =3 And...that's all I can saw - don't touch it...dun change a thing. 0__0

Anonymous said...

In the bottom left corner, it seems a bit unbalanced what with all that red in the top right corner; maybe try sketching something related or some nifty splatter?
Otherwise, it's good!

Alexa Cipollina said...

i really love the monster theme one. i didnt even think of working with ink for the summer assignments but it really makes the piece look cool

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