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Thursday, July 26, 2007


this is one of my summer assignments, its not finished but i wanted to post it so i can get some ideas, im supposed to do the drawing test for ap this year because i did design last year, but old habits die hard. im so temped to give the baby a light bulb as a head, but i cant...so help me please. i drew out the babies face but i dont know if i just want to paint it, im frustrated.

hi, my name is ashley rowland i am going to be a senior. i was in mr. needles ap class last year, it was a blast! im super excited to find out who the next steph woowwwke? is going to be...ha...im going to miss the kids from last year but i cant wait to meet all of you. Hm, well i like art and all my friends have gone to college so im down for meeting some new people. alright well, that about sums it up.


Jen Yu said...

you should keep it looking like a baby's face, but also make it look transparent and light up, like a light bulb or something. :] i don't know, just go with your gut.
ash.. you're probably going to be one of the only kids i know next year.

Smashley said...

i love that idea, haha i know, its gonna suck sooo much i cant wait to have 0 friends, but hey, maybe ill actually do the ap assignments haha.

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