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Friday, July 20, 2007

Hello! =D

I'm finally posting here...but that's not because I was lazy...I was actually very busy. ^^; And that's not just with the summer assignments (I'm actually being very slow with them ;o; ) Anyway...my name is Amanda, but all my friends (and that's a lot of people in this class) call me "Ama"...since there are just so many 'manda's. -.- I've got a site that showcases all of my art (I think it's a piece of art by itself...) from 9th grade until now, as well as a Deviant ART that showcases my favorite pieces I've done. As you can see, my strong-suit is anime and fanart...^^; But I've been drawing animals longer, so, that's also something I take some pride in.

This little guy was done in colored pencils with some ink. Let it be known that colored pencils are my forte. XD (god this pic looks so much better IRL >>)
I also wanted to know if the dimensions of the Portrait size are set in stone - because I found a really great piece of wood I'd like to use for it, but it's only 12x20 rather than the 16x20. o.o; It was the biggest they had of it. T^T


Needlesville, N.Y. said...

Nice drawing! You may want to play with it a little digitally and work in some background. I like the detail work!

Ama said...

Thx lots, Mr. Needles. =3 I would work digitally if I was confident with it. XD

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