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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Wish I knew how blogs worked....Anway, been busy with work, but my real reason for not posting anything is because I'm lazy during my free time xP I'm Kim. Also known as many other names both IRL and online (the name Rewrite I tend to use more on the art communities online for example). I tend to stick to drawing creatures and things not in reality and I stay away from drawing things I find to be boring (such as people in real-life for instance). I like digital art and draw on Photoshop Elements quite often ever since OpenCanvas stopped working for me, but I do like traditional media such as markers and colored pencils. I too have a
deviantART account and go on just about everyday.
Here's what I have finished so far in my sketchbook this summer:

Based on a small sketch I did in English last year which was based on an anime called "Elfen Lied".

Based on a sketch done at this years AP History conference except less furry and prettier.

I had finished watching an anime called "Princess Tutu" and wanted to draw something based on it.

I felt I needed to practice drawing canines, but I really wanted to draw a scorpion, too...

Did this yesterday morning. Long story short, beach overnighter with youth group + leaving food out at night = raccoons attacking our food and us staying up to chase them. We said they were like ninjas x3

Drawn last night with very little light outside around a fire. Some of the people I was with during the overnighter got the new HP book and were reading it so I took the opportunity to sketch them out. My scanner killed the picture and I couldn't Photoshop it back to life like I usually can (looks A LOT before IRL).

I do have other things I'm working on though. For now, I go read HP7

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Ama said...

As I said on DevART about someof these - they are friggin' amazing. 8D I especially like the raccoon. <3

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