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Friday, July 20, 2007

introducing myself

My name is Lauren, but my friends call me Weissy. I guess you can too.
I'm big on stenciling. It's been kinda my thing for the past year or so. I like photography, I take pictures of everything.
I have a deviantART page, check it out, a lot of my work's on there.
Here's some of it:



A stencil I did of Sublime, my favorite band.

Yeah, that's about it.


Needlesville, N.Y. said...

Cool shots! I love Adventureland! Have you done any stencil stuff digitally?

Needlesville, N.Y. said...

Cool Deviantart page (I like Bloo too).

Laurax said...

most of the ideas i have for stencils originate from my playing around on photoshop. i like making them by cutting and painting the most though cause it makes me feel more accomplished. :D

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