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Monday, October 7, 2013

AP Art: Art History Research Project

In AP Art each student was given two artists to research and present to the class (the master list is below).  Next Wednesday and Thursday we'll have our written and visual test on the artists and Friday your reaction pieces will be due.  The reaction pieces shouldn't be done in the style of the artists but rather inspired by something in the artwork whether it's a technique, color palette, approach, or aesthetic feeling.

AP Art 2013-2014 Artist Research Project
Needles: Robert Rauschenberg, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Gabrielle- Barry McGee, Jenny Saville
Sabrina- Galerie Scheffel, Claes Oldenburg
Allison- Sigmar Polke, Marilyn Minter
Andrew- Andrew Wyeth, Retna
Dana- Henri Matisse, Wolf Kahn
Allison- Jasper Johns, Marina Abramovic
Harrison- Eric Fischl, Willem de Kooning
Hayley- Cy Twombly, Louise Bourgeois
Lena- Peter Beard, Duane Michals
Michelle- Takashi Murakami, Joel-Peter Witkin
Russell- Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ai Weiwei
Paige- Terry Winters, Anselm Kiefer
Shelby- Donald Baechler, René Magritte
Juliana- Sebastião Salgado, Rineke Dijkstra
Mikenzie- Yayoi Kusama, Erwin Wurm
Lisa- Cindy Sherman, David Hockney
Zachary- Gustov Klimt, Francis Bacon
Erica- Chuck Close, Andres Serrano
Extra Credit- Anish Kapoor, Pablo Picasso

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