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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Studio Art: Interpreting a Master

In studio art the new assignment is to take one of the works from one of the artists we studied and create a interpretation of it using water color paint, pencils, and ink.  Above is a great example entitled from a work entitled Las Meninas- Diego Velázquez did the original on the left and Pablo Picasso did the interpretation on the right (one of 58 versions of the painting he did).  These are just closeups from the larger paintings which you can view in the links above but you can see that each artists style is unique even though they painted the same subject matter.

Extra Credit:
If you're interested in doing an additional interpretive piece you can get extra credit for creating a piece for the Heckscher Museum's contest entitled Young Artists in which you choose a piece from the museum that showed this year and respond to it artistically.  If you're interested look through their education website for more information and speak to Mr. Needles

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