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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our Talk with Nick Cannon and actor Brock Ciarlelli

Mr. Needles Smithtown High School East media classes have been working on an ongoing project this month as part of Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and this week students have the opportunity to talk with actor/singer Nick Cannon (from NBC's America's Got Talent) and actor Brock Ciarlelli (from ABC's The Middle) about bullying.  The performers will be talking to the students and invited guests who had person experiences with bullying via a video conference made possible by Skype in the Classroom and Google in Education Tuesday and Wednesday.

After the talk the students will create a short public service announcement which follows-up on the video they created last year. The students have been working with classes in Japan and Pakistan discussing the issues related to bullying as well as comparing and contrasting their own personal experiences through a Japan Society social media program entitled Going Global.  The final public service announcement will include input globally from all the classes involved around the world.

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