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Friday, October 14, 2016

AP Art: Art History Research Project

We will begin our artist research project this week-each student has been assigned two artists that reflect their work in some way.  Create a presentation with: 
  • 1 cover page-featuring the artist's image along with their name and yours
  • 10 short bullet-ed biography notes of interest with sources 
  • 20 full size images of their work, each on it's own page
Below is the master list of artists.  We will share the presentations next week and have a short visual and written assessment after we have reviewed them all.

Alexa: Chuck Close & Peter Beard
Alexandra: Gary Taxali & Ai Weiwei
Amy: Stanley Donwood & Victor Vasarely
Anna: Beau Stanton & Salvador Dalí
Anthony: Hieronymus Bosch & FAILE
Arielle: Barry McGee & Edvard Munch
Carly: Gustav Klimt & Jeff Koons
Danielle: Wolf Kahn & Dylan Egon
Emily B: Andrew WyethEsao Andrews
Emily: Katsushika Hokusai & Wayne White
Erin: Fiona Staples & Albrecht Dürer
Ilysa: Vincent Van Gogh & Lucian Freud
Jamie: Olek & Alice Aycock
Jill: Damien Hirst & Andy Kehoe
Kayla B: Sigmar Polke & Donald Baechler
Kayla: Evol & Holly Dewolf
Kyle: Liu Bolin & Lauren Greenfield
Lauren: Judith Supine & Henri Matisse
Leesa: Daniel Danger & Diane Arbus
Luke: David Aja & Rico Lebrun
Natalia: Shepard Fairey & Maurizio Cattelan
Nicole: Agnes Martin & Yayoi Kusama
Sam: Sebastião Salgado & Richard Avedon
Sara: Marilyn Minter & Man Ray
Steph: Alphonse Mucha & Swoon

Needles: Robert Rauschenberg 

Today is also the last to enter the Young Arts contest which closes on Oct 14, 2016 at 11:59pm.  Enter for a chance for scholarships and a chance to be nominated for the U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts.  We will also have the Hartford Art School visit next week on Monday to discuss their program and review portfolios. 

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