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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Digital Media: World Makerfaire Highlights

This weekend was the World Makerfaire so I wanted to share a few of the highlights as they relate to Digital Media class.  My favorite technology was the 3D Virtual Drawing using the Vive and Gravity Sketch as you can see above and you can view the 3D drawing here: Sketchfab

Gravity Sketch VR Kickstarter from GravitySketch

Another highlight was the scale and detail of 3D printing with new tech ranging from printing from your smartphone to lifesize 3D prints using both a massive 3D printer and a collaborative of blocks that are crowd sourced like the 3D print of George Washington's bust below from We The Builders.

There was also example of 3D printed fabrics, jewelry, and garments that was really impressive and have enormous potential in the future.

There was also an amazing table that included magnetic beads drawing repeatedly in sand under the glass from Sisyphus below.

It was a fun weekend of exploring and there are a number of ideas I have after seeing the new technologies at Makerfaire that we might try to use in class this year!

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