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Friday, October 28, 2016

#RIP Vine

"Everyday is another opportunity to be creative"- https://vine.co/v/eJriwMVdZwK

Yesterday Twitter announced that it was ending the Vine app, a tool which we've been using to document and share some of the great creative work and adventures in and out of class over the years.  As an artist I always enjoyed the creative constraint of 6 seconds of video so it was a regular part of my work as we'll as my teaching. The @timneedles Twitter page will go on and evolve but Vine is what helped make it great. Here's 10 of my most popular Vines.  Here's a few of the favorite Vine video's that we've created together over the years that helped contribute to over 1.3 million loops!

It's unfortunate that Twitter wasn't able to find a way to make Vine more successful- thanks to all the people who shared the Vines and left positive comments and to all the friends we made through Vine like Rebecca Mir, Anne Robertson, Tzaddi, Zach Page, Rust, Guy Vincent, and the K12artchat crew!

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