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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Studio Art: Watercolor Portraits

In Studio Art we are learning different methods to create watercolor portraits from life.  Each student should create 5 portraits of classmates using the different approach listed below.  The demonstrations I made in class are shown above and show the basics of what we are learning such as: learning to mix colors and create realistic skin tones, build proportionate images, and master the brushwork to create a lifelike portrait.  I created the demos with different style because the style is open as long as the portrait is accurate in shapes and colors and hopefully it has a likeness.  Here are the 5 approaches that are due on Monday:
  1. Pencil Drawing with Watercolor
  2. Direct Watercolor Portrait
  3. Direct Watercolor Portrait with colored pencil over it
  4. Portrait including the full palette of colors
  5. Colored pencil portrait with watercolor over it

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